Golden Girls Quotes Coaster Set

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Grab a cheesecake, your favorite Victory Screech mugs and have a party without ruining your table!

Set of FOUR 3.5 inch high quality, HARDBOARD MDF coasters. These are made of a material similar to clipboards, but with a beautiful high gloss finish! This set of four coasters DOES NOT include any storage options, but you can opt to ADD a wooden holder from the drop-down for $5 extra. Better photos coming soon!

We do have a DELUXE six piece coaster set, which is also available. Those include these same 4 coasters, plus 2 additional ones and a matching tin. The DELUXE style is a cloth-topped rubber based (mousepad material), so please be aware of that when deciding! If you or the intended recipient has a sensitive sniffer, you will want to go with the hardboard option, as the rubber scent of the cloth-topped style is a bit strong for some!

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