Frasier Crane Night Light

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I'm going to be perfectly honest here. I have NO idea what to do with those TS and SE, you feel me? But at nights when I can't sleep, I can gaze into the Crane brothers WISE eyeballs and ponder what should later be done with the food in question. Or maybe I will ponder if maybe Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs is another way of saying something else... or did I remember to mail in ? Anyway, here's those guys on a night light so that you can gaze too.


- approximately 4.25 inches wide
- plastic frame
- UL Listed, CPSIA tested
- 7 watt bulb included, but when the time comes, it's easily replaceable at any hardware store
- plug is NOT rotatable to receptacles in horizontal orientation, bummer
- artwork is printed on a specially treated film made expressly for being used with a light source, so it is long-lasting, safe and fade-proof!

Important notes: These plugs only work in North and Central America and Japan. I'm not going to stop you from BUYING it if you aren't in one of these places, but please note - we will NOT refund or exchange these if the reason is that it won't fit in your socket. Please review the attached photo to be sure your outlets and/or convertors are compatible.

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All Victory Screech Labs items are made and designed by us, as fan tributes. We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the artist/personalities depicted on our products. If you believe you own the copyright to any part of our artwork please get in touch with us via email at victoryscreechers at gmail .com and we will handle your matter swiftly!

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