Tame Yo Thrones Toilet Odor Spray

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Tame Yo Thrones :: You Smell NOTHING Jon Snow toilet spray is like DRAGON GLASS for bathroom horrors.

This 2 oz misting spray bottle is filled with an cool, wintery scented fragrance, just like the Night's Watch probably smelled as they did their thang in the woods.

Instructions for use:
1) Shake the bottle gently to warn the spray that you've got a job for it to do. (It wakes up the sleepy smell-fighters.)
2) Spritz the toilet bowl a few times before you claim the throne. 3-4x is usually sufficient.
3) Poop 'em if you've got 'em.
4) Smell only good smells, despite what you know to be true.
5) The rest is up to you!

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